#There are four seasons in a year, spring means reborn, the trees become green and the flowers get boom. In the summer, the weather is hot while in the autumn, the weather is cool, the winter means cold. Among the four seasons, I like the winter best, though it is cold, I enjoy the weather. I don’t have to bear the hot weather, when I sleep, the warm makes me feel so comfortable, I have the good sleep. What’s more, I can play the snow, I like to build all kinds of snowmen, I play with my friends, we are enjoying the moment. I like winter so much, it brings me so much happiness.


#As the development of the society, people want to conquer the environment, they use the high technology to change the environment, when people are satisfied with what they did to the nature, the nature is starting to teach human being a lesson. In the movie The Day After Tomorrow, people were in the great disaster that caused by the greenhouse effect, it just like the end of the world, there was no way for people to avoid such great disaster. The movie reminds people of the result they did harm to the environment, it will revenge people, people have to face the disaster. It is very important to protect the environment, people should get along with the environment.


#I am in primary school now, I have many lessons to learn from Monday to Friday, my favorite subject is English. Last week, my English teacher gave us a task, she asked us to make the presentation of our favorite English celebrity. I chose Avril Lavigne, she is my favorite singer, I have listened to her songs for many years. When I presented the singer, many of my classmates clapped their hands, because they like her, too. Then we share many things about Avril, I felt so happy in that class, it is so interesting, we talked happily, we share our common interest. I will never forget about that class, it causes my passion to learn English.


#The Asian game is held in Korea, all the best players in Asia are competing for the honor, every day, we can see many excellent matches. I like to see swimming match so much, the players swim so fast just like the fish. Recently, a boy named Ning Zetao is so hot, he won the men’s 50meter and 100meter in swimming, what’s more, he breaks the Asian record. He is very famous now, people call him the new flying fish in Asia. As it is known to all that Chinese athletes are not good at short distance in swimming, but now Ning opens the new chapter, he proves that Chinese athletes can swim fast. I believe in the future, Ning will do better.


#Last night, I watched a movie, it is about two teenagers, they have cancer, but the boy is positive about life while the girl is negative about life. They meet each other, then the girl is affected by the boy, she starts to see the beautiful things in her life. I am so moved by the movie, though the ending of the movie is not so perfect, we see the change of the girl’s life. The topic of the movie is to tell people to be positive about life, no matter what happens, even the bad fortune they get, they still need to smile every day. People need to find the beauty of life, so they won’t life live without meaning.


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